Minutes of CHSWG Meeting

18 September 2012

Apologies:  Charlotte Wilson (Chief Audiologist), Alan Tyree (Audiologist), Lynn McManus (Mum – Millie McManus)


Present: Jan Seaman (Sensory Service Manager), Teri Cockburn (Mum – Owen Cockburn),  Wendy Westgarth (NDCS – Family Liaison), Debbie Harrison (Head of Newborn Screening), Jane Fairclough (Speech Therapist), Jan Wilson (Team Leader, Teacher of the Deaf), Esther Hutton (Mum – Archie Hutton), Barbara Stanton (Health Visitor)



  1. Minutes from last meeting
  • Read and agreed.


  1. North Tyneside
  • Website should be up and running by October Half term.  North Tyneside did not have enough space for the service to have the information on the North Tyneside website. Jan S has organised the service to have their own site, this includes a Notice Board.  Hopefully North Tyneside will have more space next year and the service will be included in their site.  A mail shot will be sent to parents to inform them when site is up and running.
  • Government are to change the exam system in 2015.  English, Maths, Science, Humanities and Modern Foreign Language will be compulsory.  Concerns were raised that not all Hearing Impaired students will be able to access a Modern Foreign Language.  Jan S and NDCS will respond to this in writing.  Jan S will discuss this further at Regional meeting tomorrow.
  • Jan S submitted data for Key Stages to NatSIP.  Responses from this are good and the service has done well in lots of areas, particularly students with a profound loss.  Nationally, students with a moderate loss did not do as well as their profound peers.  Jan was unable to complete Multi Sensory data as this was too time consuming.  It will be completed next year.
  • Jan S offered training for Deaf Awareness and VI Awareness from the Sensory service to Barbara Stanton and her team.  This will be small groups and will last approximately an hour.  Barbara will get back to Jan S with some dates.


  1. Newborn Hearing Screen

Changes have been made to follow up appointments from 1 June 2012.

  • If babies miss an appointment they will not be giving another appointment unless the reasons for not attending are explained.  The next screening would then be at school age.
  • Parental concern will be given a follow up appointment.
  • If children have family history of hearing loss they will not be given a follow up appointment.

Quality Assurance – Self assessment response to Newborn Screening Programme.  Jan S – Sensory Service, Debbie H – Newborn Screening and Kate Jackson – Audiology completed this assessment.

A case study was completed; this was time consuming – detailed approach, outputs, dates, visits, etc.

There maybe a follow up telephone call or face to face interviews depending upon outcomes.

Debbie will let us know if a visit is required.


  1. BAHA update

There will be a training day at Hepscott on the 27 November.  Jan W is the named liaison person for BAHA.


  1. Pupil Questionnaires

Suzanne will email both versions to CHSWG group for comments and these will discussed at the next meeting.


  1. NDCS information to children and parents

Wendy informed us of Pre School groups that are starting, flyers will be passed to Jan W to give to parents that may be interested.Wendy also left flyers regarding training days that might be of interest.


NDCS have a new events calendar and resource catalogue.


  1. A.O.B.
  • Jan S will find contact details of social worker
  • Teri asked if anyone had a contact name and number for someone in Social Services to ask advice regarding an assessment for a loop system.  Jan S will email Teri contact details.
  • NDCS do have a loan system and free phone helpline.
  • The Freeman Hospital has a room where you can trial and test equipment.
  • Esther has concerns about the quality of moulds from the Freeman.  This is the third person to mention this to Jan S and she will mention this at the Freeman.  Debbie will also relay this back to Charlotte and Team Leader.
  • Jan S asked if anyone would like to take over as Chairperson, no one took up this offer.


  1. Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be held at Beacon Hill on 23 January 2012 at 1pm.