Just Referred?

Just Diagnosed…..Can we help?

We are a dedicated team of teachers and special support assistants experienced in working with babies and children with a hearing loss. We will work with you to offer the best possible start for your child.

We aim to offer a friendly service to your whole family.

After diagnosis, our service will contact you at home within 2 working days. If you feel comfortable with this we will establish a pattern of support to meet your needs. This could involve meeting up on a regular basis either in your home or in a place of your choice.

What can we offer?

• Practical, family friendly advice and sensitive support through the early stages of diagnosis.
• Help in understanding the effects of deafness.
• Access to unbiased, accurate, up to date information.
• Support in establishing effective use and maintenance of hearing aids, cochlear implants and fm systems when appropriate.
• To work with you to encourage early interaction and communication.
• Opportunities to meet with other families of deaf children.
• Feedback to the hospital on the effectiveness of hearing aids etc


STARS was started by Teachers of the Deaf in North Tyneside. It exists to provide a meeting point for children and young people in North Tyneside who are hearing aid wearers and are being educated in mainstream schools. Many of these children and young people do not get the chance to mix with other hearing aid wearers.

The children and young people tell us that they enjoy meeting up and sharing experiences with one another. Over the years members of staff and volunteers have helped us to provide fun and safe activities for STARS, their parents and families to share.


We try to offer a range of activities each term and include families wherever possible.


STARS relies on voluntary contributions and the activities we offer reflect the funds we currently have.

We have 3 groups of STARS to cover all ages:

• BABYSTARS Pre school and Reception
• STARS Key stage 1 and Key stage 2
• TEENSTARS 11 year olds and over