The Inclusion Centre @ Marden High School

Inclusion Centre Deaf Support @ Marden High School

Specialist resourced provision for young people with profound/severe deafness.

At present all families within North Tyneside have chosen to send their son/daughter to their local mainstream school. These children are accessing support from the Advisory Team of Specialist Teachers and Specialist Support Assistants. However the Deaf Support Centre at Marden has been maintained by North Tyneside Local Authority in order to ensure that families continue to have as much choice as possible available to them. Therefore any families of young students of secondary school age can request assessment for placement within the Deaf Support Centre for their son/daughter.

The Deaf Support Centre is part of a continuum of provision for d/Deaf students in North Tyneside. These students are able to access a mainstream curriculum within a highly supportive environment. It is/would be staffed by specialist teachers and teaching assistants.

This provision is located within the Inclusion Centre at Marden High School. Marden High School is a very popular school, where d/Deaf students access a mainstream curriculum, flexible to their individual needs. Within this environment there is a culture of high expectation for learning and behaviour, equal opportunity and positive outcomes for all students. Rooms in the Inclusion Centre are acoustically treated throughout.


The resource base is/would be staffed by teachers and teaching assistants, with specialist qualifications in meeting the needs of d/Deaf students.

Teaching Assistants

• Nationally recognised qualifications
• Specialist qualifications in speech and language
• CACPD/Signature qualifications in BSL
• In addition to this they are highly skilled in differentiation a mainstream curriculum for d/Deaf students

Admission Criteria

The Deaf Support Centre is for students whose primary need is identified on their EHCP as profound or severe deafness.


• All d/Deaf students are members of a mainstream form group
• They follow the same daily routines as their hearing peers
• All school policies and procedures apply e.g. Health and Safety, sanctions, etc.
• All aspects of school life are accessible, e.g. curriculum, trips, clubs, etc.

Communication with Parents

This takes place in response to the individual needs of students and throughout the year via:

• The student planner
• Phone
• Text
• Email
• School meetings (Parents evenings and information evenings)
• Annual Review Meetings