Information for Schools

Information for Schools

Hearing Impaired
Multi Sensory Impaired
Visually Impaired


North Tyneside has a well established Sensory Team which meets the needs of babies, children and young people with hearing difficulties and/or vision difficulties. (0-25 years)

The Specialist Teacher

The qualified teacher of the deaf/visually impaired/multi sensory impaired has the skill and knowledge to provide quality support, advice and guidance to schools, other professionals and families. All teachers contribute to the provision of specialist commissioned services for children and young people in school with an identified sensory loss.

What does the Specialist Teacher do?

  • Provides a functional hearing or visual assessment
  • Devises specialist, differentiated programmes and resources according to individual need
  • Contributes to curriculum planning
  • Delivers deaf/visual awareness/training to staff and/or peers
  • Advice provided on school environment, setting and adaptations required
  • Delivers 1:1 specialist teaching or teaching in small groups in withdrawal or in class support
  • Offers emotional and social support programmes
  • Works with teachers, SENCOs and other professionals in school
  • Assists in transition at each stage
  • Contributes to school assessments in relation to the SEND code of practice
  • Maintenance of specialist equipment
  • Training for staff/schools is provided on a regular basis according to individual need
  • Visits to children or young people range from weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on their needs.
  • Attends annual reviews and other meetings

Identifies and provides specialist equipment and relevant training for staff in its use
Offers guidance and support to access appropriate enhanced curriculum activities


Advices on examination procedures for pupils with hearing/visual impairment
Ensures good home/school liaison

Functional Assessments

An important part of our role is to carry out a range of specialist assessments. These assessments establish how a child or young person uses their hearing/vision within their educational setting. The specialist teacher then interprets the results and makes recommendations as appropriate.

Reporting Procedures

The Service provides an annual report to governors of Beacon Hill regarding outcome achievements of children with a sensory loss in North Tyneside. Each year the Service collects data on the academic results achieved by children and young people with a sensory loss. This is sent to NatSIP (National Sensory Impairment Partnership) who collect data from all authorities and then report to central government.

The Sensory Service has to provide regular information to interested bodies who request data under the Freedom of Information Act. This data has to be provided within a designated time frame.

Working Partnership

Working in partnership is an integral and essential part of our role.

We work in partnership with the following on a regular basis:

  • Parents/carers and families
  • Schools/nurseries/early years settings
  • Local Authority Representatives (SARs Team)
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Social Care Professionals
  • Audiological and ENT Departments
  • Ophthalmology Departments

Local Offer

The Sensory Service has contributed to North Tyneside’s Local Offer. This can be accessed via the North Tyneside Website or on this website here

In addition to the work of specialist teachers and teaching assistants the Service has a Mobility and Independence Officer who specialises in working with children and young people to increase their independence and gain skills and confidence in the area of mobility.