Visual Impairment

  • We work within the family home, early years settings and all schools and academies to take a collaborative approach with all professionals involved with your child soon after their medical diagnosis
  • North Tyneside Sensory Service employs fully qualified specialist teachers and support staff. Your child will be allocated a specialist teacher shortly after we have made initial contact with you
  • We will work with you soon after diagnosis to give you information, to listen to concerns, and to help you promote your child’s development
  • We will support and advise on all aspects of visual impairment and the education of your child – this will include information around specialist equipment and advice with communication strategies
  • We will liaise with other professionals involved with your child to ensure a co-ordinated approach
  • We will work in partnership with Early Years’ settings and schools and provide them with the necessary training required to meet your child’s individual needs

Our work can involve:-

  • Direct one to one specialist teaching
  • Provision of specialist learning support
  • Regular monitoring and evaluation of functional vision
  • Specialist training and support for schools and settings
  • Advice and application of specialist equipment
  • Environmental advice

Who can refer to North Tyneside Sensory Service?

We have an open referral policy, where anyone can make a referral including:

  • Parents/carers
  • Ophthalmology
  • Nursery/Early Years settings
  • Schools and academies
  • Health visitors/social care

How do we support families?

We can help through a number of ways, including:

  • Home teaching for pre-school children
  • Assisting with access to specialist equipment as or when appropriate
  • Provide advice on resources and activities to enhance your child’s developmental skills
  • Involving and supporting families throughout vision assessments and use of hearing technologies
  • Advising families of local or regional events, charities or support networks

How can you and your child meet other children with a visual impairment?

Our service holds termly social events for children with both hearing and visual impairment. This enables you and your child to interact with other sensory impaired children and their families. Your specialist teacher will provide you with further information around these events.